The Alliance against Sexual Harassment

Every day, men and in particular women are exposed to sexual harassment in the workplace, educational institutions and in society at large. Sexual harassment is unacceptable and a cultural change throughout society is needed.

The Alliance aims to promote lasting cultural change by maintaining focus on the prevention of sexual harassment and anti-harassment initiatives in the workplace, in education, in cultural life, in communities, sports, volunteer work, etc.

The Alliance is open to all relevant organization who have an interest in and opportunity to contribute to the cultural change.

Goals of the Alliance against Sexual Harassment

The Alliance will contribute to:

  • A continuous focus on the prevention of sexual harassment
  • Work places, educational institutions, cultural institutions discuss the need for developing clear guidelines and initiatives towards combatting sexual harassment.
  • The dissemination of knowledge on sexual harassment and the exchange of good practices on prevention

Activities and obligations in the Alliance against Sexual Harassment

The participants are obligated to cooperate on and work individually towards:

  1. Supporting and promoting cultural change in society by contributing to dialogue and knowledge sharing on the prevention of sexual harassment.
  2. Engaging in joint effort by initiating, running, or supporting concrete projects that contribute to the prevention of sexual harassment by engaging more people to work with cultural change.
  3. Sharing knowledge and experiences between projects while promoting the Alliance.
  4. Spreading awareness of the preventive tools that already exist in relation to sexual harassment.

In addition, the Alliance will produce tools and recommendations targeting work places, educational institutions and other organizations while also facilitating common activities such as information campaigns, studies, conferences, and meetings.

The Alliance will be active for at least 5 years, and can be extended by the participants. The Minister for Gender Equality is responsible for the Alliance.

Target audience for activities in the Alliance

The primary target audience for activities in the Alliance are actors in the Danish society like managers, employees, students, pupils, teachers, and volunteers.